Chapter 1Edit

One Day their named 1 princess “Stefanie”

She was only 1 because the others was dead because the dragon killed them now that she’s alone She didn’t no what to do… Then a boy came and Stefanie said to the boy what is your name??? Trainee Is my name the boy replied…. Then Trainee started to fall inlove to Stefanie….

Chapter 2Edit

One morning Trainee saw Stefanie sleeping and he broght her into their house after it happened Stefanie waked and said to Trainee. Trainee Where am I In my house Trainee replied One evening Trainee and Stefanie were walking to the mall to buy clothes then they went home then Trainee said to Stefanie. Stefanie May you mary me… and Stefanie said yes yes I will…….

Chapter 3Edit

Then after it happened. They took a weddinng Then One morning Angel Mary said to Stefanie. Stefanie you shall bear a daughter and name her Trixie. Then after years later Stefanie and Trainee went to the Hospital to let the docter check the baby inside Stefanie’s tummy for the ultra sound and to know if the baby is healthy then the docter said the baby is a girl. And the baby is healthy. Then after many years later. Stefanie said to Trainee. Trainee My tummy is aching so they went to the hospital and Stefanie beared Trixie. Then after many many years later God’s kingdom came and all the people including Stefanie Trainee and Trixie are dead and they all lived happily ever after in heaven THE END…..

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