Chapter 1:The Begining of a Magical DayEdit

Trixie's P.O.V.

Hello my name is Trixie Swift I have pink princess eyes and pink skin One evening I was walking because I went to the mall to buy my clothes Then when I was walking I saw a Boy and he was a prince he said he's name was Trainie Swarther! Then i fell inlove so I fell a sleep ..... and then when i was a sleep when i wake up he is their beside me. i was very shock.

Chapter 2:Another miracle

Trixie's P.O.V.

When i was sleeping i was shock when i wake up because i saw Trainie gone and i saw a letter i read it. it said their

Dear Trixie i just went to mall to buy your clothes and my clothes I love you. then i was very happy to see he's letter then he came back and kissed me and we went to a date

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